New email server for Eldy – FINAL UPDATE

UPDATE may, 25 evening. a final communication to confirm all upgrade have been successfully implemented. all EmailĀ  services are operationals (pop, pop3, smtp, imap, imaps) and working fast and clean. the new architecture is far more fast and secure! please contact or follow thisĀ  link : if you need assistence.       UPDATE may, 24 morning. All proceeding, The standard configuration works very ok. we' re fixing the secure connection: 587 / 995: please just stand by, soon all will be fixed. the new server is much, much faster and antispam/antivirus works excellently: that means, you'll be able to send very smoothly and receive no spam no virus email thank you for your patience ELDY TECHNICAL SUPPORT   23 MAY 2012 hello from this morning 10 AM /CET we'll implement the new email server for ELDY if you experience some weird behavior on email receiving or sending, don' t worry, it will all be fixed in hours, when DNS has finished updating. that is: please be patient, we're working for you to provide you a very good, with best anti spam antivirus email service! Eldy Technical support

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